Thursday, 31 December 2015

For things to change YOU have to change

2015 has now drawn to a close, when you look back on 2015 has much changed in your life for the better?
Have the last few years all been a similar pattern of achievement?  The harsh truth is this, chasing opportunities from your opportunity perspective will always feel like you are chasing butterflies.
As a famous business coach once said "for things to change YOU have to change", what he meant was if you change then everything changes for you.  The world unfolds in a different way as you learn and improve.

Jim Rohn: "for things to change you have to change"

When was the last time you took a course of learning because you wanted to and not because you had to, when was the last time you invested in your own self improvement?
2016 can be a glorious year for you if you make the investments that are the most valuable,  the investments in YOU, because the only constant in life is you, the only thing you have control over is you, when everything else changes you will always be the constant and continuation.
A great way to tap into a culture of self-improvement is by joining a network marketing company, so when choosing a network marketing company why not look into the training programs they provide.
The Utility Warehouse Discount Club is one company which spends millions of pounds every year on what they call the College of Excellence for various courses, courses range from, Getting Started, Team Building, Team Leadership, Customer Gathering Masterclass, Recruitment Masterclass, Goal Setting and Accelerator Work shops.
These courses can help you become a new person in 2016 and beyond and help you to build a successful career with the Utility Warehouse and help you to tap into other enterprises with the right mindset.
I will continue on my journey of self-improvement, when will yours start

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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Network Marketing the low cost business, blessing or curse?

I have been in network marketing now for four years, I am on a journey to the top of a mountain.

My journey has been treacherous at times, people have yelled at me along the way telling me I couldn’t do it, people have got angry suggesting I give up my cause and get a regular nine to five job (which I do have). 

People always mean well of course and really they have my interests at heart, and feel like they should look out for me, besides their experience tells them differently... but are they talking from a position of experience?
Most of the time they talk from a position of having never been involved with a network marketing business, and those that have, didn’t actually do much with the opportunity, if they were honest they would probably say the timing hadn’t been right or life got in the way for them, thus their negativity is usually misplaced if they analyse their true experiences.

I have sympathies with those that have not got their network marketing businesses off the ground.  Life does have a way of worming its way in to your plans as you make your way up the mountain of success, the nine to five, the social gatherings, family politics and issues, health, death, births and the list goes on.  But if this was a business that you invested £30'000 in, had taken a loan from the bank and you had to honour those repayments back plus rent, business taxes and pay staff wages.  I’m sure these obstacles that life put your way would not even factor as issues, you simply would have to continue or probably risk losing everything. 

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”–  Henry Ford

 Network marketing affords people an easy route to get into business with zero to minimal overheads, the ground work has already been done, infrastructure in place, products selected and established, billing plus many other aspects already taken care of and often a small down payment allows you to have access to these business models with the prospects of making lots of money from them.

The low buy-in comes with its own problems. 
Because there is very little at stake life’s obstacles easily derail people from succeeding in network marketing because there isn’t enough neck in it for them, not enough chips on the table.  Easy in... easy out.
I have seen this over and over again with fellow professionals in the business, de-valuing their business and letting excuses get in the way of their dreams.

“Nothing can withstand the power of the human will if it is willing to stake its very existence to the extent of its purpose.”   Benjamin Disraeli

This is why one must have a strong desire and vision if they are to succeed in network marketing.  Self development is key to strengthening this part of the mind, some experts call this part of the mind the WHY muscle.

In my opinion not having much at stake in the terms of money should not detract you from building a successful business, remember your dreams and ambitions are always at stake. So the low entry fees need not be a curse but a blessing which allows you easy access to a sky’s the limit business.

If you take up network marketing or are already involved with it you must develop your why, exercise this part of your mind, expand it and protect it.  Only a strong why will keep you going when life tries to weigh you down up the mountain,  good luck in getting to the top,  I'll see you there!

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Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Golden Age of the Self-Employed

Some of us have had to endure listening to our aged seniors brag about a previous labour market, a time when people used to seemingly walk from one job opportunity to another whilst we witness today an economy unable to sustain an increasing unemployed population.

Whilst some of what they say is true, what must be taken into account is that the economy has totally changed. We now seek for employment opportunities in an entirely different world to the one that they were active in. And the market place they sought for jobs in has fundamentally gone forever, let me explain.

Let’s rewind back 100 years. A time when most of the populations of the world engaged in agricultural duties to make ends meet, this eventually paved the way to a services based industry fueled by a demand for more goods, exports and manufacturing.

Fast forward today and we now live in an age abundant with technological advancements when held in contrast to our ancestors only 100 years ago. Some call this age the ‘Information Age.' Some call it an age of the ‘Digital Market.' Some of you will be viewing this very article on a tablet or a smart phone whilst on the move, going about your business commuting to work, a time where everything appears to be available to us at a touch of a finger.

All these advancements, yet we still have increasing numbers of unemployment. Could these advancements in technology actually be contributing to the unemployment numbers?

We have seen increasing amounts of data which suggests that technological advancements and efficiency measures are contributing to making human skill sets redundant. As self-check-out stations replace the check-out boy/girl at the tills at your favourite groceries stores and as the banks continue to roll out self-deposit machines to replace the all familiar counter services, these are the tiny but obvious examples of how we are being made redundant to computers and machines in every industry.

There was once a time when the high street was the centre hub for consumerism. This has now shifted to online stores, and now an increasing number of high street stores struggle to remain operational due to aggressive low cost services being offered online.

‘Blockbuster video’ remember them? They were dotted up and down the United Kingdom and were responsible for employing tens of thousands of staff across the country. They folded due to unsustainable operational costs and all the jobs went with them. The void left by the giant high street chain was quickly filled by the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime who now employ a fraction of the people which Blockbuster Video did.  Those jobs will never return, are you seeing the trend?

The Tsunami of technological and efficiency advancements have decimated the working landscape on a back drop of ever increasing global population numbers. In the last 50 years alone we have seen a doubling of the world population numbers to an incredible 7.3 billion by year 2100 some experts forecast a population of near to 12 billion people. These numbers are worrying as it already appears the economy is now becoming self-service just like the check out in your local super store. It now appears that the economy needs less of us to run it and we are now becoming surplus to requirements.
A new type of work force has found its way onto the market place forcing him/herself to become relevant once again. The self-employed numbers around the world have increased tenfold, recent figures in England suggest that of the 283,000 people who have found themselves newly in work, 183,000 (a massive 65 % of them) are classified as self-employed. People are having to turn to self-employment to better their lives.

A trend has begun of new start-up businesses that cannot be replaced by technology. A certain type of business is making its way back onto the high street, ones where human interaction is highly reliant upon such as beauty parlours, hair dressers, whilst food businesses continue to remain in demand.

Many fortune seekers have turned their backs on traditional income streams and now prefer to go it alone as self-employed entrepreneurs. This has given birth to new trends!

One of these new trends is the emergence of a new market place called Network Marketing or which some refer to as Multi-Level-Marketing. Some experts have labelled some of these business models as scams so I am revealing this subject matter to you with some caution, but then there are legitimate companies who have been setup with a real purpose, to make you and them win.

Sky's the LimitEssentially, these business models are offering budding self-starters a way to join a business model with very little down payment, similar to what a traditional franchise offers. The idea is start-ups join a company and help distribute the company’s products or services and then enjoy a share and ongoing royalties of the reuse of the product or service by their customers.
One particular company in the United Kingdom called the ‘Utility Warehouse Discount Club’ has made huge waves and has featured as best buy in ‘Which? Magazine’. These types of companies have become so prominent in today's market place, the likes of London Mayor Boris Johnson and Prime Minister David Cameron have been eager to be seen rubbing shoulders with such organisations. In May 2015, forty eight hours before their major election was to draw to a close, they were beamed across the world pitching their last attempt at votes from the Utility Warehouse HQ in London.

Such companies make it easy to access self-employment and this is leading to a golden age of self-employment and Network Marketing.   Before looking to go into such models, experts are advising that individuals do their due diligence and check credibility of a company. Ensure the company has been operating for a minimum of five years.   Longer is always better, of course.

Start-ups should understand the cash flows and examine if the company has new money coming into the system from new and real customers. Some network marketing models are heavily reliant on internalized profiteering and these companies should be avoided. Like in any business landscape, there will be those who make money, lose money and those that simply get scammed. Whilst there is a lot of money to be made with the right company, the self-employed must be careful which Network Marketing company they join forces with.

With such bleak employment numbers today, the self-employed gives the economy a renewed hope, a new gusto and encourage an economy to evolve.

Here’s to the self-employed and here’s to a brighter future!

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